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I purchased a PZ80 a little while back and have run into a few occasions where it would be nice to use the TV over my computer screen (watching a movie, or TV show from the net) since my computer screen is an old 17" Standard Flat Panel.

Anyways so I purchased a HDMI cable and a DVI to HDMI adapter for my video card.

The problem I ran into is this, it detects everything fine, automatically sets the resolution to 1920x1080 but seems to cut off the image around the entire screen.

What my computer does is force my 1280x1024 17" LCD to run 1920x1080 and just makes it so I have to scroll across the screen to see the entire desktop. If I were to move my cursor to the top left corner on my Computer Screen, the cursor would run off the TV monitor. If I move the window on my computer screen so that the top left corner is at the top corner of my TV, the window is about an inch from the left side, and 1/2" from the top of the computer monitor.... as if there are margins.

I am not sure what would be causing this, it does it regardless if I have the computer clone the image, or just have it use the TV as the only display, and there are no settings I can change on my computer itself to adjust this (most everything is greyed out letting only the TV adjust the settings and not my computer).

Is there some sort of setting I am not using on my TV setup, or is this just one of the downsides of using a Plasma TV as computer display?
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