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Just upgraded to a new PC (core 2 duo) and was planning on using the old one (p3-933) as a HTPC after buying a tuner.

However, my new video card, a Radeon x1950xt (had a handy link to newegg here, but forum is prohibiting it), a solid midrange gaming card, has dual DVI outputs (s-video too). Is it possible to use this to my advantage to make it a HTPC?

My concerns are a few:

a. software-wise, how will having the "second screen" interfere w/ my regular PC chores.

b. signal degradation (TV and CPU ~10=12 feet away)

c. no tv tuner (but I currently don't get channels anyway; I use my TV mostly for dvds, gaming)

d. sound. don't want all my pc sound going through my 6.1 system in another room.

just some initial thoughts. sounds hard. anyone tried this?


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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