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Hi, as covid continues, I'm looking for an advise if overall impact of screen time from distance learning to the eyes of my kid can be softened by switching from using a monitor (like HP z24n) to a short-throw projector, like Pico Genie M550 (650 ANSI lumens).
I assume there may be more factors beside just "reflected light vs direct light" etc.

So far my kid uses projector while on gym class, but that's on 150" + loud Epson HC3020 in a living room.

I wanted to find some quiet projector for relatively bright room with throw distance of about 1 meter that would give me a picture of about 40" diagonal.

For this particular Pico, calculators shows that at 1m I'll get 40" on 480nits
For "similar" noticeably cheaper Optoma ML750ST, the same 40" I'll get on 0.7m having 310nits.
The same 480nits are possible with Optoma on 0.6m/32" that still may be OK.
On the other side, on 32", Pico will make 700nits.

Thus few questions:
1. Can anyone share relevant (and relatively fresh) experience with replacing kids monitor with a quiet projector for smaller "screen" sizes (30-40").
2. Will Pico's 700nits @32" be life-saver for bright room comparing to Optoma's 480nits @32"?
3. Is there anything that makes those two projectors not a good option, and what may be an alternative.

I know Pico has more bells and whistles, but I should be able to save a lot if I buy Optoma + miracast/chromecast etc, so I would prefer to keep non-image features aside during selection.
On the other side, I can buy new Optoma for 50% of Pico and used one for 1/3 of Pico.
At the same time I haven't see used Picos (v1 of course). So, apart from general "prj vs monitor" I'm wondering if delta in nits will be dramatic from usability point of view.

Thank you!
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