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I am in the paid/trial period of Spotify; and I noticed something that is disappointing. Where is the 'Pandora like' radio feature on third party devices that play Spotify? It is a built-in part of the Spotify application when you play the service on a PC. But go to Spotify on a third party device (in my case a TiVo Premiere that is directly hooked up to my Yamaha RX-A820 via a HDMI cable. Yes, the Spotify app has the built in search feature as well as playlists. But, again, what about the 'Pandora like' radio feature? Perhaps, I am missing something. But it seems like the apps for third party devices are 'dumbed down' versions which lack the full functionality of what is offered on a PC or other device capable of typing in a URL from a web browser.

Because I am primarily using my AVR for music listening.....I want the same features available when playing music on my AVR that I get on the PC. If I cannot have the 'Pandora like' Spotify radio feature, then it's like missing half of the service for which I thought I would be paying. Does anyone have any insight into this Spotify radio feature and why it is missing on the apps? And why do the apps sometimes feel like a dumbed down version of what is offered on the web site? Would there be a better alternative (versus the Spotify app on my TiVo) for listening to the service on my AVR?

It sure would be nice to see firmware updates on all modern AVRs that are internet capable in order to have these applications, such as Spotify built-in. Second, it would be nice to see the 'dumbed down' apps updated so that they offer the exact same features as what a listener would find on the URL.
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