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Hi Guys

I hive 2 x Mirage Omnisat floor standing speakers and 6 bookshelf (the ones bigger than nao sats) and a Prestige S10 sub.

I'm trying to improve the bass in my living room. Right now I only have two locations where it's practical to move my sub, however, if I replaced my floor standing fronts with book shelf speakers, I'd have more choice on where to put the sub (or even add a second). I have a Denon 4311CI.

I have Sonos throughout the house and a lot of zones overlap (i.e. I can hear the sound from multiple rooms: very open), so when I listen to music with multiple zones I have to use stereo mode becuase the delay for 7.1 causes zones that overlap to be out of sync. This means my sub isn't used. I know I can run the front LR to the sub and then to the speakers, but then I lose the LFE for movies (don't I?)

Is there a way to configure a receiver to use the sub in stereo mode and still use the LFE for movies?


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