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I am trying using the MCH analog (R&L) output of my Oppo 83SE to the MCH analog input of my Onkyo 886 for Zone2. I am unable to get audio using the MCH input of the 886 and I'm not sure why. The 886 manual specifies that in order to use Zone2 it has to be an analog input which the MCH input is.

The reason why I'm using the MCH output of the 83SE is that I already have the Stereo output going to my Parasound 2100 for 2CH use. I want to use Zone2 for casual listening in my kitchen. I can get audio to Zone2 through another CD player but would prefer to use the 83SE as it has full remote functions (power on/off) which my other CD player does not have.

I checked all the downmix settings with the 83SE with no luck. I assigned the MCH input of the 886 to the CD input and I still get no audio. I thought that maybe problem is that the MCH input of the 886 defaults to the Direct audio mode but Direct mode works fine with my other CD player. I checked the 886's manual and I see no mention that the MCH input can not be used for Zone2 audio.

I'm baffled (nothing new here)
. I could just use my older CD player but now I'm determined to figure this out. So any thoughts or advice would be appreciated

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