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I'm looking for a portable solution for backing up my pics and videos daily from my DSLR and HF10 without lugging my laptop on vacation. I was looking at some of the portable USB OTG 2.5" hard drives on the market which are pretty inexpensive and allow you to connect your camera directly to the drive over USB. With one button push the drive copies all your files from the connected camera.

Has anyone used these with the HF10/HF100 or other HD cam, if so how is the transfer speed?

I've heard they are great for use with point and shoot digicams backing up less than 1GB typically but I'm converned that 16GB of video footage might take a while. I've seen 60-100GB USB OTG drives online for about $60-$100, which would back up about 8-12 hours of HD footage and all of my photos in a really portable solution. I realize there are more expensive options like the $200 Wolverine.


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