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Valkyria Chonicles question...Please help!

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Please, someone help me. I'm on the 10th board, the one where you have to defeat the giant gun on the train. I've moved my tank onto the final objective point and the game wont trigger that I've won the board. If I have to play this board over again because of some stupid quirk I'm going to go nuts....can anyone tell me what I'm missing? Thank you very much.
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Hi Rieper,

Thanks for the tips, I'm definately getting a D on this one. I've killed every guy on the map and the board just wont say that I won. Could you tell me how I make it trigger a victory?
I had to delete my post because I realized you were talking about Chapter 10 - PART A.

I did that part last night. After my tank destroyed the enemy tank on the bridge, I had my scout (Alicia) take the train behind the bridge, and then when she got off the train, I had her run up the side of the hill and kill the snipers up top. Then I rolled my tank onto the elevator spot.

Unfortunately, what you're describing is not a problem with the map tactics, but it sounds more like a bug. When I pulled my tank into the spot the map ended (Mission Completed).

The guidebook says all you need to accomplish is have Welkin's tank reach the elevator which is marked by a yellow dot on the map (hit L1 for the map).

If you're over the mark with your tank and nothing happens, then I don't know what else to say. Sorry.
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Hate to say it, but try and restart the level. Its really not that long...

Wait to you see Chapter 10 - Part B. THATS longer.

If it still doesn't work for you, I can always upload my save game file for chapter 10 part A. then you can move on to Part B.

Thanks for all the help. Seems I needed to have a soldier there and press the L1 button to target the bomb...I couldn't do it with the tank cause it can't shoot down. Confusing board but at least its over now. Thanks again!
yeah I made that mistake once. What's worse is the skirmish version of the battle only requires you to move to the last position and take the flag.
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