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Value of NEC XG135 w/ toasty green and blue?

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I've been out of the CRT market for a couple years as my 9PG+ continues to perform admirably.

I was wondering if the regulars could give me an idea of a good price (as a buyer) of an NEC XG135 w/ green and blue tubes that need replacing? Also, the seller is a surplus place so no warranty on the purchase which obviously reduces the price. Based on recent flea bay auctions, it looks like CRT projector prices have dropped a good bit in the last few years.

Also, what is the current status/price of tubes for the XGs? VDC rebuilds only? or are new NEC tubes available as well?

And since I'm asking questions, what is the going price for an XG unit with good tubes from a private seller?


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I bought new NEC tubes from VDC last October, they come and go they don't always have them in stock. Also I believe the price of the tubes went up and area around 700 a piece now.
Hi, I paid $400.00 and no freight, I picked up the projector, for an XG110LC with green and blue tubes that need replacing. New NEC tubes from VDC cost $695 each plus freight. I am still waiting for Doug B. to come and adjust the tubes and calibrate projector after installing the new tubes. I is my understanding that scope adjustment of the tubes is needed after installing new tubes.
I would not mess with it, not unless it is dirt cheap.

I always tell everyone to let the seller take the loss. It works like this, say you buy that PJ, you end up spending alot of time and money to get it to where you want it, take that same XG you just put all that time and money into and try and sell it for what you got into it, guess what, you just loss money.

Find someone that has a real nice XG and you will not have to put out as much money as you would getting the one you are considering up to the same condition.

No more than $200. IMHO.

The value of CRT projectors falls every single day, if its not "ready to go" its not worth anything, imho.
Thanks for all the input. I'm going to pass on the projector.

I think a working XG LC with toasted tubes is worth at least $500, if you can pick it up. And an AC one is $400 or so.

But XG's are rarer here, so they cost more. Hell I spent $250 + shipping just for lenses and a toasted Green LC tube.
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