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Value of Panasonic E-80

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About 2 years ago i bought a second Panasonic E-80 in case my first one quit. After burning 500 more DVDs with my old one i think it as time to sell the newer one . Is E-BAY the best way to sell and what might its value be,it works perfect and has only burned about 50 DVDs

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If you are talking about the DMR-E80H with an 80Gig HD, the lowest recent completed sales price was $172.50 which I would say isn't bad as this is a 2003 model and I've been tracking the DMR-EH50 (2005 100Gig model) that's selling for a little over $200.

You can try craigslist first (as it is no fee to list)
Where can you get the EH55 for around $200? A low price on it is around $400

I just tried craigslist with the EH55 & a E55 came up for $200 so be careful because the DMR-E55 was the entry level 2004 Panasonic model & it has no Hard Drive in it.

It's not the NEW DMR-EH55 model with the "H" standing for Hard Disk Drive.

I would try Ebay for prices but I would first list it here because you may find a few people on this boad that might want it because it is one of Panny's better models. :)
Sorry, my bad.

I meant the DMR-EH50

(I've corrected my earlier post)
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