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Various Hitachi LD6600 issues

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I recently bought a Hitachi 37LD6600 lcd tv that is giving me some headaches.

1. Can't use DVD player via scart. When I connect my old dvd player via scart, the image is totally distorted. Think I saw in a forum once that other people have the same problems with DVD/scart/Hitachi LCD tv. Can anyone confirm this? Can this be fixed in any way.

2. I have analogue cable tv. On some channels the audio and the video are out of sync. The audio is lagging.

3. Today my remote stopped working. When it is in standby I can turn it on with the remote, but after that it doesn't respond to any keys at all.

4. I can't get a picture when connecting my Mac mini via VGA. When the mac starts the picture is ok until the boot screen disappears. Then the tv goes blank and says "out of range". I suspect that this s a problem with what the mini outputs, but if the tv has a correct EDID, I think the mac should be able to choose the correct resolution/syncs/pixelclock.

5. When I connect to the mac with dvi-hdmi and use 720p, I get a picture of 1280*720 offset to the top left of the screen. I have experimented a bit with the timings, but I can't make the TV scale the picture up to the native resolution of 1366*768. When I send 720p from a Denon DVD-player it scales just like it should.

One of these problems would be enough, but in sum they make me wonder if I have done a really bad purchase...

Help/comments appreciated!!
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