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I saw this one yesterday, but couldn't make up my mind, yet (I prefer to walk museums and take a look myself).

However, there are two additional Italian Blu-rays I know I needed to get and ordered yesterday (because I don't have a time machine, yet):

The Colosseum (recreated in 3D): http://www.amazon.it/Colosseo-3D-Bl...8&qid=1431346386&sr=8-128&keywords=blu+ray+3D

The city of Pompeji (recreated in 3D): http://www.amazon.it/Pompei-3D-Blu-Ray-documentario/dp/B00M8LYYFG/ref=pd_bxgy_74_img_y

According to the back covers these are region code free (play everywhere) and the Italian viewers sound rather excited. As usual, please support such titles by ordering them, if you wish to see more of these.

I'd love to see the ancient city of Rome reconstructed in 3D as soon as possible. ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts