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I am very sorry to trouble: J have just tried a VC1280 and set it up with my 16/9 screen in Line doubling (LD).

With my last processor I used to inscribe a 4:3 material in the 16/9 Anamorphic setup of my CRT Just selecting the 4:3 input control of the processor (instead of the 16/9) leaving all the other settings (DVD player and Processor Output) in 16/9.

Yesterday I have set up an anamorphic pattern to use line doubling of the Vc1280 with my crt and my 16/9 screen. I watched some 16/9 DVDs but I didn’t succeed in watching 4:3 DVD inscribed in the 16/9 setting even if I’ve tried the different formats.

It seems like the Line doubling feature of VC1280 doesn’t accept 4:3 inscribing in 16/9 setup.

Is that correct?

If so, what should I choose among the VC1280 options to watch 4:3 material inscribed in my 16/9 screen?


1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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