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I just finished fixing a non-receptive IR sensor on a JVC HR XVC25U combo VCR/DVD player.

Remote control was ok but wouldn't control the VCR/DVD. I could control the Samsung HDTV with it and checked that the remote was sending signal on the VCR/DVD settings by using the digital camera viewscreen technique.

Took the case & front panel off the VCR/DVD. Nothing obviously wrong; no dust, spider webs, etc. in the unit or on the sensor. Jiggled the sensor & its adjacent capacitor(?) in their mountings. Tried the remote again, still no joy.

Removed the internal fuse on the circuit board, pushed on switch on the combo unit, it obviously didn't start, then re-seated the fuse. Sensor would then receive power on & other functions from the remote. Seems this may have been equivalent to a cold reboot, perhaps the VCD/DVD remote code somehow got fouled and the unfused restart attempt cleared the fault.

Just thought I'd post this in case any others have similar troubles.
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