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VDigi Enhanced VD-Z3 - tanscoder on the cheap

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The VDigi Enhanced VD-Z3 transcoders are in stock again on the VDigi website.


I have used a Viewsonic N5 transcoder with a really clean NEC PG - I wound up taking it back to Fry's cause there was no black shading at all.

At $60 the VD-Z3 is the least expensive alternative out there.

How does one of these stack up against Moome? Petr? I know there have been several forums around transcoders, but really wondered if anyone has been able to compare several of the different manufacturers.

Thanks for everyone's input...

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Originally Posted by madpoet
A new one getting good reviews:

I've been one of those giving good reviews. It has been favorably compared to just about every other transcoder out there, many costing much more.

It is vastly superior to the vdigi and well worth the extra money.

The vdigi is really designed for games, not critical viewing as in movies on a CRT.

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