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Velcro for panels on lumber

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I had an idea to use Velcro tape to attach the side panels to the soffits, so I can later easily detach them and access the cables inside.

However the Velcro comes loose easily. Not the actual Velcro side, but the part of the tape that’s supposed to stick to the lumber/mdf.

Before I go looking for a different brand, are there any particular ones that work well with sticking to lumber?
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I use staples and the Velcro with no adhesive. You can buy rolls of 1 inch wide on Amazon pretty cheap. It is called sew on hook and loop (generic). Warning don't use too much.
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The brand I used is no longer available this looks the same:

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Ah staples makes sense. On the lumber side that would work well.

The mdf boards I’m using are 3/8” though so a staple is probably not a good idea there. Or do you think that would work with small enough staples?
I used 1/4” staples to mechanically attach the adhesive ‘hook and loop’ to my frames.
Used a pneumatic T-50 stapler, as I used a tremendous amount of staples in my build..

Hook and Loop

T-50 staple gun
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