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Velodyne CHT Front Row System

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Does anyone have any experience with these speakers? I'm currently using 2 floor standing Klipsch in my bedroom powered off of an HK125, but I recently bought a bigger bed, and things are cramped. The room is about 10'x12'x8'. I was thinking about the Velo's and an x-sub from av123.

How do these sound compared to the Athena point 5's and micras? SQ? It looks like the CHT's are sealed enclosures, so I could mount them directly to the wall.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated. I'm not interested in purchasing point 5's or micras. I've owned both. I think the athenas are great at their price point, but prefer to try something new since I'm considering going back to another inexspensive satelite/small bookshelf setup.
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They are very nice for the price especially if you are talking about the close out price. I can't compare them to the Athenas personally but I doubt much could touch them at the close out price. They are well made.

It looks like the CHT front row system is made up of CT-14 satelites, and a C-24 center. I just read a review on Secrets about the CHT system, and it said that it was made up of CT-41 sats, and a CT-42 center. The specs look very similar except for the smaller tweeter and larger woofer. Are these two different speakers, or are someones specs off?

Boy, I wish I could help you but I still haven't hooked my CHT's up after a flippin year. My HT is still not done. :eek: BTW, I bought the white ones (didnt have black), but its strange that the center channel is black. I'm thinking about spray painting the sats black. Anyway, I'll try to remember to post again after I've listened to 'em.
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