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Velodyne DD12 broken

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Not been using the home cinema as much lately. However got Fury on bluray and was all set for an ear busting night.

No such luck
There is some chuffing but that's all so I checked it out and did the room eq and there is a nice signal coming out however when I play a movie nothing, its as thought the LF gets cut.

All was not lost as I have another Velodyne, SPL Series 2 in the loft so tried that which worked fine for about an hour and then stopped working. On inspection both the internal fuses have blown, so now I have 2 dead subs.

Any thought or suggestions
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I'd try putting an equivalent replacement fuse in them and see if the thing powers up.

Failing that, it is probably best to open a case# with Velodyne to send the amp modules in for repair, if it's still under warranty it should be free (other than shipping.)

You can also test the voicecoil leads with a multimeter to see if it reads 4-8 ohms. If it reads infinite, then the cones are dead too.
If after you put in a new fuse, the amp immediately dies, you know (at least) that the amp needs to be repaired.

First check the driver. One test is with a nine volt battery connected to the plus and minus terminals. If it moves, then the driver is likely ok. The better test is with as volt/ohm meter as BassThatHz suggests. If the meter jumps between 0 and infinity, then the driver is dead. If it measures slightly less than the ohms of the driver, then you are ok. When a driver dies, it typically will take out the amp.

After your basic tests, your best choice is to contact Velodyne about an amp repair or an amp replacement. Because of the servo control in Velodyne equipment, you are far better off with getting replacements from Velodyne because both the driver and the amp must be paired correctly.
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I just had my amp repaired for my Velodyne HGS-18. While mine was not under warranty, the turn around time was fast. Velodyne has excellant service. Just call them and they will give you a return authorization. My recommendation is to deal with Velodyne in California.
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