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I'm curious about you guys' adjustment for the Velodyne DPS-12 !!! I bought mine a week ago, still playing with it to make it match my own Speakers for Musics & Movies. I was wondering what's others settings for the DPS-12, Presets for: Movies, R&B-ROCK, JAZZ-CLASSICAL, GAMES. The adjustment for the Low-Pass Crossover(Direct, 80Hz, 40Hz), the Phase(0, 180), the Input, the Speaker Level Input & Output.

My adjustment (Velodyne DPS-12)

Preset - Jazz-Classical

Low-Pass Crossover - 60Hz

Phase - 180

Volume - 50

Note: My Preset is always on Jazz-Classical (Reference) for the tightest, cleanest, lowest distortion bass.

My Setup


Denon Avr-2808Ci


Musics 2.1 > Energy Rc-30 X 2, Velodyne DPS-12

Movies 5.1 > Bose AM-10 Cubes X 5, Bose Module, Velodyne DPS-12

What's Yours;



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I got mine (used) today and I am still playing with it. Speakers are Athena Point 5 and this Velodyne replaces an Athena AS-P300 sub.

So far, I have it on Direct (no crossover in sub), Phase 180, Volume around 50. I have the receiver (Onkyo 600) cross over at 80 but the speakers are set to Large (I know... but they sound really good this way).
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