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I can't seem to get a grip on this question and have nowhere to go to listen to them both! So here are the basics and I am hoping one of you who knows a lot about this will give me a little guidance. Yes, I've read a ton of posts but I'm still wrestling with this one....

Price is equiv for both.

Room is 15x15

primary use -- HT, though I care about the music in movies and am not a "big bang" watcher too much.

Don't care if it looks like a piece of furniture.

Need longevity and underlying quality.

My real concern about the H100 is that there are almost no mainstream reviews on it and I'm afraid it is a company that was strong in the early 2000s but is flagging now. Overstock (!) is selling these subwoofers so how good can they be? People keep telling me (and I've read in several places) that there's something "fishy" about the contemporary Acoustech H100s but I honestly have no way to know this. If anyone out there has insight, or experience with an impact 10 boy would I appreciate it!
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