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A local garage sale in Maryland has these two for sale. No one seems to be buying because even they are both priced at $30, they are very old and dusty but I believe they could possibly be a good fit for a small studio apartment?

I dislike "boom boom" woofers and my hours of research behind these old models tell me these could be worth to give them a try as they are not overly exaggerating.

I have not bought either yet because I want to hear your opinions:

1. I don't think I will be able to sell these. The Velodyne is well over 20 years old (manufactured in '93!) and the Energy ES-8 is size of a bookshelf
2. Seller does not have an AVR to drive it. Will have to drag mine to even test these.
3. Even as a student, blowing $30 on what could be disappointment would be a tough pill to swallow. I would have this $30 contribute to saving up for my DIY sub a few years down the line.

Right now I have an 8" sub that does not go below 50Hz driven by a Class-T.
The 5 speakers are all mirage omnisats so cuts off around 100Hz I think.
The AVR is a Denon AVR1910

I'm leaning towards the Energy ES-8 Subwoofer just because it's a bit newer (although 10 years old at this point)

I mainly listen to 70s - 90s music, Jazz, some Rock and pre 2010 pop and very few recent pop. Not a big dubstep fan. I enjoy classical when I am feeling happy but not otherwise.

I would love a sub that is great for movies though. I have a different soundsystem to play video games, this one is just for music.

What could go wrong with buying the Energy ES-8 Subwoofer?

Anyone has it still and would recommend they still have some drive left in them?

What parts in it might need to be changed/refurbished soon? Re-foaming required at this point (main reason why I don't want to buy the Velodyne because it most likely needs a re-foam given it's older than I am)

Thanks in advance for any input.

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I have the Velodyne and still use it in my "everyday" system. It goes to about 30 hz and does add to my unwell speakers and matches well.

For 30 bucks if the surrounds are not shot on the 10 inch driver and the 12 inch passive then It be ok for you till you build a better sub.

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