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Hi, I have a 7.1 home theater in a 14' by 13' room. I use black velvet curtains for every wall along velvet drapes that go across the ceiling whenever it's time to use the projector. My room has been plagued with poor bass and lack of punch in the low/mid/high range, making my Ascend 340's and 2 Rhythmik LV12R's sound little different than my sister's Skullcandy iPod player. I've created 22" tube traps in the past, but they failed to make a satisfying difference no matter where they were placed.

However, last night I removed the velvet curtain for the front wall since I barely use it, as it just stays bunched in the front left corner of the room. As soon as I started playing music, I was taken aback at how much better the bass was felt, and the mids and highs were punchier too, like my older place, where the sound reigned supreme, in spite of a lower-end system.

It isn't perfect yet, which leads me to believe that getting rid of the rest of the velvet would fix the sound completely.

In all my time on this forum and elsewhere, I have never read anything about velvet affecting sound in this manner. So, I was wondering if anyone could share their thoughts on this. I am thinking I may try to replace the velvet with a breathable fabric like muslin or felt.
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