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I have 4 mach 5 UXL's ordered and what to get boxes built for them, found Baltic Birch on sale locally till Feb 22. So I want to get going on it while I can save some money on the wood.

Requirements are as follows:

Tune between 15 and 18 Hz

Foot print can be 20 inches wide ( have 21 inches from screen frame to side wall) by 24 inches deep ( can be less don't want more) height can be 60 inches high (sheets come in 60 inches by 60 inches).

Can get either 3/4 inch (18mm) 13 ply stuff that's on sale $59 per sheet or 1 inch (24mm) 18 ply at 90 per sheet not on sale. What would be better? By other builds I assume 3/4 is fine with double front baffle.

I will be using JTR 212HT-Lp for LCR and either Slant 8 for side and rears or DIY sound V-8's

Thanks in advance, I'm lost with design software!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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