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Verizon Voicewing and RTV 3000

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Has anyone had any success in their RTV 3000 series nightly updates when they have Verizon Voicewing voip ?


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I have Vonage instead of Voicewing but it works fine on my Panasonic Showstopper. You will probably have to slow the modem down to get a reliable connection. The instructions for doing that are in the FAQ. If Voicewing has any pre-dialing codes to make a fax machine work, try including those in the dialing prefix.
Do you mean the speed of the RTV modem or the Voicewing modem? Thanks

I figured out how to do the modem speed adjustment on my RTV. thanks, still not working but still playing with it. Thanks for your help.

oceanman: Did you ever get this working reliably? I've had voicewing for about a month and my showstopper seemed ok most of the time until last friday when I tried the DST fix. Now my modem won't connect to any numbers over voicewing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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