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Sorry for dup of thread in the 'DIY' section -- wanted to see if anyone could think of a video processor box that can do re-size, re-orientation and re-combination of inputs to a single screen output...

I'm thinking I'd like to hang a SECOND flat-panel on my wall, with vertical orientation, and be able to use it in two ways:

- connected to PC or MC extender to show VERTICALLY ORIENTED photos as a digital photo frame (most of the time) ... AND

- sometimes switched into a "two-up" mode where I feed it from 2 different extenders and enable watching 2 additional TV streams (think: NFL games) at the same time.

My question: Does anyone know of some processing (or PC-based) equipment that can take signals and 're-configure' them to turn them 90 degrees and enable 2 sources to merge into one? i figure SOMEONE must have done this before... possible to do "inexpensively"? (the screen is cheap! the extenders are cheap! is the processing?)

Love to hear any ideas. Bet lots of high-end AV installers would like to do this too.
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