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Just upgraded to Calman 5 and tried the auto calibration mode using the internal patterns on the RS-45. I was very pleased with the results. The software even sets brightness and contrast. It only took around 11 min. for the greyscale and 13 for the very limited color work. Those times were with a Colormunki Design which is not very fast compared to other meters.

One area I was very happy was in the darker areas. It did the greyscale without a hint of green. Light grey walls are grey without a tinge of green. Average dE was under .3. I compared the results to my manual settings and liked the auto settings better. The nice thing about the software is you can do the auto calibration with the internal patterns or the external 709 disc.

Watched Casino Royale afterwards. It was nice watching the movie and not seeing anything distracting. I purchased a light meter also and noticed I could dial the iris back to -15 on high to achieve 16fl. I must have made too many conflicting adjustments that cut actual lumen output.
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