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Very inexpensive scaler - anyone try it?

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I have come across this scaler that outputs to XGA resolution called the XGA Theater.


It includes scaling for:

Cable/Antenna in (Works as a tuner box)

S-Video in

Composite in

also has:

VGA and Audio Passthrough

Remote control

Saturation, Contrast, Hue and Brightness adjustments

Brightness & Contrast function for larger screen VGA Monitors

Price less than $200.00

Has anybody tried one of these. How does it compare to HTPC scaling?
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This looks very interesting.

It may be just the ticket for thoes using a progressive

DVD player that have a 1024x768 projector

If I am reading this correctly it will upconvert that signal to

1024x768 is this correct or am I missing something? I wonder i the VGA input is able to accept a componet?
"If I am reading this correctly it will upconvert that signal to 1024x768"

It plainly says that, the question is the quality. Also, it's not clear that it accepts a 480P signal, I'd guess not.
Since it has VGA passthrough - it might pass 480p through it, but it doesn't seem like it could do anything with it.

Also, since it doesn't mention 3:2 pulldown, it will probably have occasional artifacts when two fields get pushed together that shouldn't.

Still, it might be just the ticket for the cash strapped...

You get what you pay for. Most scalers go for $1,500 - $6,000.

This is a very basic scaler that would probably be acceptable for viewing video/s-video on a computer monitor (usually 15 inches). You would most likely get an unacceptable image once you magnify that to a large projection screen.

There are a number of questions that are not answered by the product's description. What is the method of de-interlacing (most critical stage in scaling), does the unit have 3:2 pull-down detection (probably not, but highly recommended when viewing DVD's and VHS), etc.

You may want to look into the "Video Processor" forum. There are several members that have a lot of knowledge and opinions regarding scalers and scaling techniques.

Also, Progressive DVD players generally output their 480p signal on their component video output. This scaler only accepts video and s-video.
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Originally posted by Serlin
You get what you pay for. Most scalers go for $1,500 - $6,000.

Same could be said of the LT-150. You get what you pay for. Most DLP Projectors go for $4000-$10,000.

You just never know when the floor might drop on prices. This could be an excellent piece or a just a piece of crap - we need someone daring enough to give it a shot...:)

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It looks like a nice box if you want to use a computer monitor as a TV screen, but it will not produce a good image for a projector. Someone can try it.
Hi guys. FYI, I just got off the phone with this company, and spoke with a very nice chap (Dan Gibson), and he informed me that, this unit is made for the smaller pc monitor, and tv market.

He went onto say, it was not made for our pj's, as it would display too many artifacts on an image as large as most of us watch on our pj's.

When I told him of this forum, which he'd not heard of, he logged on to see what we're all about.

Maybe this company will be able to give us something in the future.

Cheers, VB
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