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VERY long throw projector suggestions

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I'm in the process of building a house with a dedicated media room without windows. The room was professionally designed with a seperate projector/equipment room. I will need a projector with a throw ratio of ~4.5! So far, I'm considering the Qualia along with the Sim2 and Infocus 3 chip units. All look like they will be approximately the same price. Anyone own or have any experience with the Barco DLP units? I can't seem to find pricing for the Barco.

My current setup is an Infocus 5700/Stewart Firehawk. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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If you are considering the Qualia and it fit's your price range, I think the unsurpassed fill factor and 1920 x 1080 resolution makes this projector the obvious choice.

My biggest problem is that I'm not a Videophile and really don't know if I would appreciate anything better than what I have. I guess that is why I am trying to find more options.... I think if there is a less expensive projector that fits my application and performs like my present setup, I would be happy. If the Qualia had 1080p, I might go for it a little easier.... I'm also trying to figure out why everyone doesn't just go for it over the 3 chip units...
You didn't say how large your screen was going to be. This sounds like a pretty big room. If it also has a pretty big screen, the Qualia simply gives you the combination of sufficient light for the screen area and sufficient resolution such that you're not being "pixeled" to death.

The 3 chippers have a big advantage in that they pump a lot of lumens with a relatively low-power, reasonable in cost lamp. And they have considerably better CR than the SXRD. But they lack the resolution that gives you that smooth, smooth image on a really big screen. SXRD shines in that situation.

How big is your screen going to be?
The Qualia and probably all of the 3 chip projectos will fill your ticket. When you buy these projectors, you have a choice of lenses
I could possibly see myself going to a 90" width. My present screen is 45x80. I am happy with my present image size and quality. My wife and I watch a lot of 'less than ideal' TV/DVD's, so that really keeps me from wanting anything much bigger.

How much is the Qualia replacement bulb? If brightness and contrast are two reasons to go with a 3 chipper, then I am thinking the resolution of the Qualia would be more suited for my light controlled room.

Anyone know the price of the Barco projectors?
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