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Hello, I'm hoping someone has experienced this problem before and might have some words of wisdom. I've searched but can't find anyone who has posted this problem specifically.

I acquired a Hauppauge Colossus to replace a HD-PVR-1212 that I used for years, but was always a little flaky and required a lot of rebooting. So I was pretty excited because the colossus never seemed to miss any recordings or require a reboot. After a while, though, I noticed that some of the recordings were really choppy. The frame would freeze, and then it would fast forward to catch up, then freeze again, and this would repeat throughout the whole recording without correcting itself, while the audio remained in tact. I noticed this especially on the Colbert Report, which recorded right after the Daily Show, while the Daily Show was always fine. So I figured the problem was with back to back recordings. But then I noticed the problem on some other shows that weren't recorded back to back. This has been going on for months since I installed it, but I finally had some time to play with it extensively today.

I discovered that the problem is not with back to back recordings; it's on recordings made on the same channel. And it doesn't matter how much time has elapsed between the recordings. When I thought the problem was with back to back recordings, I scheduled the Daily show to record at 8am and Colbert at 6pm. Some of the Colberts were still corrupt.. I finally figured out if I hadn't either recorded or watched something on a different channel in between the recordings, Colbert would still be stuttered and unwatchable. I thoroughly tested this just now, switching channels between lots of shows, all worked fine. But if I hit stop, then tried to restart the show that worked fine ten seconds ago, it would stutter, no matter which channel. If I switch channels and switched back, it was fine.

I don't know if this is a Colossus issue or WMC issue. This was not a problem I ever had with the USB HD-PVR. At least now I know how to work around it, but still kind of a pain to have to make sure none of my recordings are consecutively on the same channel. Thanks in advance.
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