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I just built a new system with an E2140 and used an old hard drive that already had Windows XP on it from my old system (it saved me a reinstall). I have both the onboard audio enabled for music and movies, and a separate sound card for recording. When I opened up a VST program I use, it said the audio configuration had changed and it needed to test to see if everything would still work. It did some tests and then complained that the audio would not sync. After this, when I try to end the program, nothing happens. When I try to end it by ending its process in the task manager, nothing happens. When I try to end it with this command line utility: http://www.beyondlogic.org/solutions...rocessutil.htm , it tries to do it, but never finishes. Then when I try to open another audio related application, it doesn't open.

After searching "process won't end xp" in Google, I came across this, and noticed that this person also had upgraded to a new Intel processor: http://www.techsupportforum.com/micr...won-t-end.html

He has a different motherboard, however, but the onboard Realtek audio is probably the same.

Could this be an issue with the onboard sound or its driver? Has anyone else has this problem?
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