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Hello everybody.

In first place, I apolagise my english since I´m from Portugal but I´ll try to explain myself the best I can.

I´ve been reading, for weeks, several Forums around the world including this great one! Congratulations everyone for sharing experiences and expertise!

The question is that I´m very tired now, confused and can´t make a final decision... so I´ll ask for your help and opinion in this matter after I´ll explain you my idea.

So, first Iwas considering every kind of camcorders but since I recently own a Panasonic HD Ready, model - TX-32LX 600F (720p native and I don´t know the American equivalent), I shortened my choice to an HD camcorder.

Even so, I can decide myself.

I want a camcorder with great PQ with the only purpose of connecting it to my TV and use it as playback device to see raw footages. I don´t want to edit (wouldn´t even know how to do it) also because my computer is old and slow. My Usb connection is still 1.1 and I don´t have firewire connection. So the important here is:

1- great PQ (very important! Outside and indoors)

2- digital or analogue connection to view raw footages in high definition

3- media will be used directly as storage but also used everytime I´ll want to see the movies

4- Since I´ll record to each unit just once price can be a factor here

So my opinion at this time:

1) By order: - Canon HV-10

- Sony HDR-HC3

- Sony HDR-SR1

- Sony HDR-UX1

I need your opinion here and comparisons if you can, especially between HV-10, HC3 and the SR1

2) All Sony have HDMI and Canon via components. But it seems that the slight advantage in PQ of the Canon compensates the analogue connection. So in maximum HD quality, raw medium which camcorder produces best image in LCD, or at least share with me and others your opinion. I repeat, I´m just interested in the quality of the image of raw footage from camera to Tv.

3)Mini dv concerns me because it´s great for storage, yes, but since I won´t be making copies of it and I´ll use them everytime I´ll see the movies, I don´t thing it will be the best solution. I´ll wear tapes with time, right? Mini dvd in diferent terms can have the same problem but here it could last longer than tapes and maybe in the future I could easily make backup copies, even if now it´s very dificult. The best would be the HDD since I think I can download with USB the information to my computer, conserve raw files and upload it again to the camcorder eachtime I want to see something. Is this correct? Even If my computer is not a big deal will it serve this purpose? If yes, I think this is the best solution to this matter. But my question once again... what about the PQ of this camcorder, is it really that bad compared to HV-10 and HC3? And diferences between is brother UX1?

4) In this matter, mini DVD is the most expensive, than mini dv and no costs for HDD (just downloads and uploads). So in this matter the order would be SR1 first, canon and HC3 next and finally UX1.

Also ergonomics of HV-10 don´t bother me much but I prefer a little bit the Sony´s. Audio and mic connection Ã*s not a great concern at the time but it would be nice to have some options in the future. In this matter SR1 and UX1 are in first place then HC3 and finally HV-10.

Last question. I think I´ll feel uncofortable if everytime I want to see a specific scene I´ll have to forward and rewind tapes. In this matter this media won´t be very practic. Better HDD and DVD. Also for baby editing it seems that HDD allows a person to play a little bit in the camcorder... is this correct?

So now You´ll say to me that in most matters, by my believes, SR1 as the upper edge... I´ll answer that you are right but since PQ is as important as everything else together (more or less) and I´m not sure in this field, here is where I ask most help with your opinions and experiences.

For example... if SR1 has the advantage in everything but there is a huge diference in PQ (noise issues, dim light problems, etc...) than I won´t buy the SR1.

But if for the untrained eye (like mine) the diference is minimal than other factors are decisive.

I also would like you to correct me in my statements, in case I have the wrong idea about something.

Once again thank you and sorry fo the long post.

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I have no experience with any of the Sony HDV but I am playing at the moment with a Canon HV10, and what a great picture quality ! Really rich and real colors.

One has to look into the future, SR1 does MPEG4, HV10 does MPEG2. One way or the other in the end you will have to edit your footage and put them (in a year or two) on blue laser disks (Blu-Ray/HD-DVD).

I very much like displaying everything in native resolution and the thing that annoys me with all the high def camcorders so far is the "1440" vertical lines and the non square pixels in 16:9. Why? There are no displays with this resolution.

If I were you I would be awaiting the new JVC Everio which is supposed to 1920x1080 (JVC HD Everio GZ-HD7). The picture quality remains to be seen, though.

Also it will do MPEG2 at 30Mbs! Slightly backwards looking...

Anyways, so far I definitely vouch (without being able to compare) for the picture quality of Canon HV10. Especially great for baby footage.

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Thank you very much for your reply. HV-10 great PQ is a fact, but People when talking about SR1 seems more preocupied about editing than everything else (And i understand why) so there are not many opinions about the PQ, especially when compared to HC3 and HV-10. The few I´v encountered are ambiguous. Some say it´s the same to the untrained eye, some say it´s far worst. Since I can try for myself I would like some feedback on this especially from someone who tried the HC3 and the SR1 or the Hv-10 with the SR1. Also SR1 Vs UX1 - any diference in PQ because of DVD compression?

Thank you once again.
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