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VGA amplifiers w/ color, contrast adjustments for HDTV displays?

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I have an Xbox 360 connected to my Sony Bravia XBR LCD panel through the VGA port.

I noticed that there are two options in the Bravia. "Text" and "video". "Video" adds too much processing to the image giving too much edge "sharpness ringing" and clips all darker colors to black. No good

"Text" is more "raw" with no edge processing and no over active contrast enhancers. It is basically the most unmolested mode. The problem is that the color is kind of washed out and the contrast is not the best. In Sony's infinite wisdom they decided to make the controls VERY limited in VGA mode. No contrast, no color adjustments etc.

Something in the middle would have been nice but Sony seems to have only given us the extremes with no middle ground.

So is there a box you can get out there that will take a 720P VGA image and allow you to tweak color saturation, contrast, black level, gamma etc? I don't need a scaler as I display it at the native res 1:1 on the TV.

Or is there a SM tweak that could be done to adjust the above?

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Anyone? I con't believe no one here know tha answer to this.
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