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VGA Connection on 42" Panny

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While reading the product description for the new 42" Panasonic (TH-42PWD4U) plasma tv, I came across this fact:

... a 3-Dimensional Progressive Scan function elegantly converts interlace signals (1080i and 480i) into progressive signals for optimal viewing. 720p and 480p progressive signals remain in their native scan format and are fed via the 15-pin sub-D connector ...

What does this mean? Is there any advantage to using the VGA connection over the component inputs for progressive signals? Does the VGA connection bypass the deinterlacer in the Panny while the component inputs do not?

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By their sheer nature, PC signals are progressive. So the short answer to your question is that yes, the VGA signals bypass the de-interlacer circuit.

However, since this panel has 852 X 480 pixels, all signal formats are converted to 480P. This includes VGA signals.
I have an NEC 4200W (PX-42M3A) on the way, I plan to use it with a Skyworth DVD player (with the VGA output). Will this setup still be converted by the plasma screen?
hdguy, I don't think you really answered Gaber's question!

The answer is that both the component connectors and the d-sub connector will accept progressive scan inputs and avoid the need for the set to do internal deinterlacing.

There is a difference to the picture though. The PC circuit uses different filtering to that used on the component input, and the resulting picture (PC) is a little crisper. Not better! Just crisper. Which you prefer is a matter of personal taste.


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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