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VGA connection versus RGBHV. Is one cleaner and why?

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I am ordering a couple of high end cables and possibly an Extron switcher to tie things up connection wise on my DILA. The distance between the source components and the DILA is about 16 feet.

So far, I've been using a Markertek VGA>RGBHV 6' cable to Computer2 to feed both my HTPC. When I watch HD from my RCA DTC100, I have to take my hushbox down and switch to my other 6' Markertek RGBHV>RGBHV cable and feed through the same input. I have my RCA connected to my Crystal Image.

I have been toying with the idea of not having to do this, as it gets pretty annoying after a while. I have worked a couple of options on how I can achieve this, with or without the use of a switcher.


--Yes switcher and no Crystal Image. Note this also means not a possibility to use the scaler for improving any VHS or Laserdisc sources.

With this option, I would get a 1 foot (or the minimun available) VGA>VGA cable to connect the HTPC to an Extron SW4 VGAxi switcher, and another 1 foot VGA>VGA cable to connect my DTC100 directly to the switcher. I would then get a 16' VGA>RGBHV cable to connect the switcher to Computer1, or a 16' VGA>VGA cable to Computer2.


--No Switcher, no Crystal Image.

Get a 16' VGA>VGA to Computer1 for the HTPC, and another 16' VGA>RGBHV to Computer2 for the RCA. Or viceversa.


--No switcher, yes Crystal Image.

Connect the RCA to the Crystal Image with a 1 foot VGA>VGA. Connect the HTPC to Computer1 via 16' of VGA>VGA, and the Crystal Image to Computer2 via 16' RGBHV>RGBHV.


--Yes switcher, yes Crystal Image.

Connect the RCA to the Crystal Image with a 1 foot VGA>VGA. Connect the HTPC to an Extron SW AR HVxi switcher via a 1-3 foot VGA>RGBHV cable. Connect the Crystal Image to the Extron via a 1-3 foot RGBHV>RGBHV cable. Connect the switcher to Computer2 via a 16' RGBHV>RGBHV cable.


So basically, it's a matter of choice. And money of course.

A couple of notes:

I want to get Bettercables ULTRA (400MHZ band). I don't know if they make cables that have an even higher or wider bandwith. If so, I'll go with those. I want absolute perfection. If I make the large investment, I might as well get the best of the best, right?

Also, all Extron switchers are rated 350MHZ band. Except the SW 4, 6 AR MXHV, which are rated 600MHZ. The latter is the one I'm considering should I get a switcher (again, pay for performance).



--Which Option would you go with? Performance quality first, price second.

--Since the various options involve the option of using VGA or RGBHV, is there a difference in quality between one type connection and the other? From what I know, RGBHV is superior, providing a cleaner, noise-free path through 5 independent channels. Am I correct? Then again, somewhere along the chain of connecting these devices, we must also realize that, at present times, a VGA connection is inevitable. Both the HTPC and the RCA DTC100 offer a VGA type output connector, even though one could in theory modify the video card and the RCA to give you RGBHV.

Hoping I have not bored you to death by now,


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Sounds like you are really trying for the best. In your installation, the difference between the two switchers will NEVER be noticed. The performance in the range where your signal is located is so flat as to be un-noticeable. So buy the more expensive if you want to, but there is no way you would ever be able to see a difference. Also as far as cables go, if a manufacturer specs a cable as... 400MHz bandwidth... they are full of crap. Or at least the marketing department is getting carried away. A performance spec for cable reads... -2.9dB @200 MHZ over 100' if distance and loss is not given then it is meaningless. Anything other than a real attenuation spec is hype. THe other issue that is overlooked more is how tight is the impedance. is it right on at 75 ohm or is there some "play". As far as the difference between the VGA versus RGBHV. In a simple sense there is a difference between the two. it has to do with Shielding and Impedance. VGA connectors are not 75 ohm. BNC connectors are. In a small system like you have, i honestly don't think anybody could spot a difference. THe advantage to BNC though, is that you will know how good the grounding and shielding overall is. A neat trick people can try when using VGA cables is to get one that you are going to destroy... then use a knife and remove the moulding from one of the connectors, then look at the shield over the connector itself. If you have a casing, go for it, if there is some nasty looking foil, then the odds of picking up noise increase dramatically. Having said all this, in a home environment i don't think that you will see a difference.

Hope this helps.

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