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VGA in on LCD TV?

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I knocked up a HTPC for my sister. She has a 27" Samsung LCD TV.

The HTPC works very well through teh Composite & S-Video inputs to the LCD TV but as yet I can not get teh VGA side to work fully/

What happens is this.

Switch the LCDTV to PC input

Boot computer and watch the normal POST activity

Watch WinXP start to BOOT (Windows XP Logo and moving horizontal bar)

Then screen blanks, nothing.

Switch to AV1 and there is the Windows desktop in all it's glory?

I removed the Composite lead from the TV and PC, rebooted on PC input but the same thing happened.

At first I thought is may have been the resolution setting but I tried 800x600 and 1024x768 with same result. Video card is a Nvidia type with VGA, TV out and S-Video 32 M Ram.

Any ideas as to why I can not get the VGA as the main source signal???


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32meg video card? as in a really old video card? I have a feeling its an EDID issue and the video card can't recognize the tv connected to it.

- Josh
fair enough, could be, I dont know. At least you have orientated me in a direction to investigate.

Alot of older video cards pre - 5xxx series nvidia cards had major EDID issues. But yes I'd definately check that route for sure.

- Josh
have you tried looking at the display properties and making sure that the vga connection is enabled? forget where they are in the nvidia drivers, but there should be some stuff for enabling or disabling different displays
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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