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Guys, I know this isn't a projector question per se, but I suspect the knowledge in this group could prove invaluable to me since it's related to getting a PC sychned properly with a VGA Display.

I have a new HTPC using an NVidia 7 Series video card (7950gt) with HD Out (via DVI). I'm trying desperately to get this to synch with my older Pioneer Elite RPTV model 710HD. This TV is Analog with a VGA input that supports a 30mhz refresh rate at 1080i and 60 mhz at 480p. I've seen others comment on getting decent results at both 540P and 1080i settings, but most of these folks have long since moved on to more modern equipment :-(

I've tried the NVIdia PureVideo control panel that offers much of the PowerStrip functionality, but for the life of me can't figure out a way to feed my display that results in any kind of watchable picture (so far all I'm getting is blurred gibbrish).

BTW, using the video cards Component Dongle I'm able to input both 480p and 1080i from my PC but the overscan of my TV makes using the PC unusable.

Hoping you VGA Projector / HTPC guys can give me some advice that might prove useful!

Thanks again for the intrusion.

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