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VHS to DVD Conversion

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I was wanting to purchase an DVD writer for my pc to convert some of my VHS tapes to DVD's. A friend of mine has the HP 200i DVD writer and likes it. I saw the 300i out and it has dropped in price. Is it a good DVD writer? Is there problems with this writer? Does anyone have other recommendations?

Also after I purchase the DVD writer I will need a TV tuner card. I have a nice video card, so I would be looking for a basic tuner (not expensive) to use to connect my vcr to my pc. How do I capture the video and audio from my VCR? What format should it be saved in and what software does this? Would it come with the TV tuner card?

After I have the programs on my PC, what software do I need to burn it to DVD to watch on my player? Does it come with the DVD writer? For example, I have a few X-files I want to put on DVD? Could I make each episode a chapter?

Thanks for your input.
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I am doing this with my collection of VHS tapes and found this forum a huge help in find the processes required to do it. Search the forum here and you will find many answers. Also look at the forums on www.thewholewideweb.com.

I have a Panasonic DMR-E50 to which I've connected my VHS player by SCART.

I record in SP mode onto DVD-RAM. I then place the DVD-RAM disk into my DVD writer on my PC (Panasonic LFD-521) and use the bundled software to edit out commercials, etc.

I then use ULead's Movie Factory 2 to import the files from the DVD-RAM and make cool looking menus and then burn to DVD-R.

If you opt for a Panny then there are a few things you need to be aware of when doing the above. You need VBR on the DMR set to fixed. And use ULead to import the video rather than use MovieAlbum to export as exporting from MovieAlbum will lose AC3 audio.
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