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Actually, it's a Runco DTV-991, but they're the same beast.

First off, yes, I'm giving it an input. I know that's NEC new user error #1. :)

This projector has about 1300 hours on it, but it's fairly new to me. I've had it a few months, but I'm just now getting to the point of really setting it up. Anyway, on to my problem...

The entire picture, all three colors, is vibrating, looks like it's entirely vertically, just one or two scanlines, a few times per second.

I have tried two completely different sources, so I'm fairly certain I'm not providing it bad sync.

I can look inside the lenses and see the picture vibrate on the tube face. The projector itself is mounted rock solid.

Phosphor saver is turned off.

This is happening with the settings the way I got the projector, with default settings on a new input, and with everything zeroed out.

Rasters are centered pretty well, blanking is completely off.

I have seen various threads about issues with the STK chips on these things, but 1300 hours is a little young for a STK failure, isn't it?

Anyone got any other ideas for me to check out? I'm about to unplug it and reseat all the cards just to be sure that's not it.


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