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About 15 years ago, I got the clever idea that an antique phonograph would be the perfect accent piece in my listening room. That developed into a hobby and an addiction. I now have too many and I need to sell off some of my personal collection. These are beautiful and fully functional antiques that play 78 rpm records. The perfect addition to your listening room or home theater. Because of their size and weight, they are available for local pick-up in the Philadelphia area or I can offer free delivery to the antique phono show in Wayne, NJ, on April 19.

This is a sample picture of a beautiful Columbia Grafonola 200 "victrola." The gold plating tells you it was a high-end model. The walnut finish was an expensive upgrade over oak or mahogany. I am just testing the water with this post. Additional details and pricing will be supplied if requested. Thanks.


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