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So i just finished up my theatre space in my basement. The previous owners used the space as a home office so i ripped out the built in desks and cabinets and turned it into my theater room. Nothing like some of theaters on here, but i am really happy with it. I ended up with a Epson Pro Cinema 3000 projector for the video projecting onto a 106' fixed frame. As far as audio and processing, i bought a Marantz SR6008 AVR, and an Oppo 103d blu-ray player. For speakers i used my existing def tech 600 set, but swapped out the center with a 1000 series, and got rid of the sub and bought an SVS PB1000 and also had new carpet installed. I have been working on all this for the last 3 months and i think i am finally done. Now i want to have everything professionally calibrated to make sure i am getting the most out of everything. I am in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. Does anyone know of a good calibrator for audio and video that i can contact? Thanks in advance for any help!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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