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I want to possibly upgrade to new A/V receiver, GPU, and CPU for my HTPC setup. Before I drop a lot of $, really could use some help clearing some things up from someone with more experience and knowledge than I do in regard to audio and video processing. This will help me determine what I should look for when buying items.

Current set up = 9600GT Nvidia Geforce, AMD Athlon64 4000 (2.4Ghz), 2GB ram.

Audio receiver = Pioneer VSX-D412 (I run my adio from pc to this)

Yes, not best setup, I know. Receiver above is audio only really unless you want to hook up to it via composite. It decodes Dolby Digital and DTS, but thats about it-pretty much your basic receiver that I got before bluray/HD was in existence.

Also, have PC GPU connected directly to my Samsung 1080p plasma tv via HDMI (DVI-HDMI adapter on back pf GPU, then HDMI all the way to TV, sound is going out from sound card in PC to current receiver via optical cable).

I use Zoomplayer Max to run all my movies off my HD on PC. I like ZP as it has a lot of options to control. All are DVD quality only (480), which my current setup runs fine with, but with bluray movies on my HD in future may not work as well.

1. My GPU/CPU does the video processing of movies correct? So, when I'm looking at new A/V receivers, I just need something that "passes" the video to the TV, correct? A lot of the new receivers (3D HD A/V Receivers), have video processing when you send the signal from source to it via HDMI. So will the signal get double Processed? Or even Triple processed if the TV also does processing? Some will also up convert from 480 to 1080. What if it dies a crappy job of that, can I still pass the signal through?

2. I don't really want the audio to pass through to tv correct as I want my receiver to do the audio processing. However, sometimes when watching a movie on my tv from PC on zoomplayer, audio decoders kick in. So now my audio is being decoded by my PC and then is sent to receiver and being decoded again! Is this true? I just want my receiver to do all the decoding correct?

3. Is it better to output my sound via soundcard via optical like I am now,with video seperate to TV, or should I output both video and audio via HDMI to receiver, then to my TV.

Basically, what trumps what in terms of audio and video processing, if anything? I'm looking to go HDMI GPU to HD/3D A/V receiver to Plasma TV.

Thanks for any tips
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