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Video Camera for taking home videos

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Hi, I have an OLD Sony camcorder that I have had for probably 6+ years. And I think it was an older model at the time I bought it then. Its not digital, used VHS-C tapes that only last about 30mins each. And the quality is nothing to get excited about.

Wife and I now have our 2nd child and would like to take more videos, but using camera we have makes it painful because we cannot upload to our computer nor can we even watch the videos we take (dont have VCR anymore)

So Im looking for some advice. I want to get a new camcorder but every review I read on the internet points out the negative and makes me feel like there isnt a good choice out there. Obviously this is not true, but I need help.

Im not an inspiring movie director. So the camera I chose will be strictly for home use. So I dont need anything too fancy, but at the same time. I want something that will be useful and get good quality. I do have an HD tv so I thought about an HD camera, but not sure if thats overkill or nice feature??

In a perfect world, Id like to stay in the $500-600 range, but could see myself splurging closer to $1000 if its really necessary.
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You have an HDTV, so feed it HD!

Going with a HD cam is not overkill. To have some of your memories in HD vs SD..........no contest.

You can be under that $1000 limit you mention with the Canon HV20 (running in top dog status here on AVS), Canon HV10, several of the Sony Cams, and Panasonic right now.

Just do a search online and you'll see you can fit a HD cam into your budget.

Bottom line is you will not regret it!

Now go get it
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I agree with Blasst. Take a look at the HV10 and HV20(the all around winner for HD on this forum) from Canon. Also look at the Sony's. I do suggest that when you decide to buy, get one that uses minidv tape. I had a dvd camcorder (for about a day) and that used minidvd which you had to flip over after about 23 minutes of recording. On a minidv tape you can get up to an hour of recording. It loads into movie editing software much easier too.
OK just started looking at camcorders. I have a 1080i tv and would like HD, but have a few questions and the Best Buy people were stumped. I have the same intent as the thread-writer - home videos. My one thing though is that I want to "easily" be able to transfer to computer and compress enough that I can email them - is that a lost cause??

If emailing isn't going to be a good option then ignore that and still have a few questions.

1) If I get something like HDR-SR1 -- http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1153999197286

Can you transfer this to anything but a screen? How would I get the data off there onto something that I can save for the future. And the final question is does anyone know if it is possible to hook it up through the PS3 to save the data there (could add an external 200GB+ drive to that). I guess using the usb would be the best, but not sure on if the format would be an issue.

2) If I went with the HV20 - how could I get that onto DVD's / bluray discs? Possible?

3) For all $1,000+ video cameras - are you guys using them for regular picturs as well? If so how good is that compared to a decent digital camera?

Most other side forums has a lot of stickey's where I start before asking questions, but couldn't really find that so if there is a good - HD camcorder thread that I should read please let me know.

Thanks for the help!
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Originally Posted by mhdiab /forum/post/0

3) For all $1,000+ video cameras - are you guys using them for regular picturs as well? If so how good is that compared to a decent digital camera?

I'd use it just as a "just in case" camera. None of the handycam still picture is decent enough for any indoor/low-light shots... but then again I'm really picky about my still shots. Just click the link in my sig below.
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