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Every now and then I get a strange error message upon windows start. It says Tv and video may not work as expected because the video card does not meet the minimum requirement of 64mb ......''.

Iam running vista media center x86

Asus M3N-HDMI with embedded Geforce 8300

2gb ram

Hauppage 4000 DVB-s,s2,t

Arcsoft TMT

Latest FFdshow

latest Nvidia vido driver 180.20

usinf HDMI to Onkyo 605

Everything seems to be working (dvd and bluray)despite this error message except for Tv tuner. I get an error '' files needed to play this files are either not installed or corupted'' cant remember the exact error message.

A reboot usually corrects the problem. but i comes again from time to time.

any suggestions to what the problem is and how to correct it.

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The error is may be referring to your TV Tuner/Video capture card and not to your garphics/video output card. Check to be sure that you have the latest Vista drivers for your tuner card from the vendor's website.

What requirement for Vista 64 bit does your 8300 card not have?
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