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Hi guys!

I need a word of advice. I want to connect my previous PC (which I gave to my parents) to the tv so that they can watch movies.

The video card is a Geforce 6600gt and it has the normal vga connector (which is connected to the monitor), a DVI-I and an S-video connector.

I could just use the S-video, but as far as I know it has poor video quality compared to the other two connectors (these would also allow me even HighDefinition when I change my standart TV to a HD TV in the future).

So my questions is:

can I connect one of these vga to scart connectors to the scart connector of my television:

and then buy 10 meters of DVI cable with one end to the DVI-I geforce 6600GT connector and the other hand to the vga to scart connector with the approppiate adaptor (as the one in the following image)?

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: My television is a Panasonic TX-28MD3C and as far as it's manual says it accepts RGB on scart 1 (the tv has 2 scart connections).

At end of page 26 and end of page 29....it says samething about being able to receive RGB on scart 1.
Click here for the manual
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