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video distribution system

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I'm looking for a way to distribute video into multiple rooms in my house. I have 4 kids and of course they want to watch different things. I was hoping to digitize and store on a server all the current movies we own (which is allowed under the DMCA) and have some way for each of the kids' rooms to be able to select independent video sources for them to watch in their rooms (preferabley with a remote control). Is this something I could do with a media center PC or some other linux-based way of doing it? To mix it up a bit I'd like to be able to throw DirecTV programming into the mix as well.

I'm imaging a server with multiple video cards (one for each room) and a way of controlling video streams via remote control.

Am I living a pipe dream or can this actually be done (for relatively cheap)?

Thanks much in advance
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That's definitely a bit more than I was planning on spending - and doesn't do the directTV function (unless I missed something). I was hoping for something server-based. Very interesting idea - sure wish I had the budget for it tho.

Thanks for that :)
No doubt the Kaleidescape would do it for you, but at around $35K there are some alternatives.

The cheap way to do it would be to start with modulators. channelplus.com

You should take a look at mainlobby and DVD lobby to watch multiple streams of ripped DVD.

I'm thinking your going to need either multiple video cards in the server running the Main lobby server, or 1 PC for each DVD video stream that you need.

The channelplus modulators require no programming and run over your existing RG6 cable.

As of now, there really is no one "box" that you simply plug and play that will stream multiple instances of ripped DVD movies to multiple rooms that I know of under $25,000.
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Why not a basic computer and DirecTV box in each room. This seems to be the cheapest way. And how were you going to handle the audio anyway? You could store the DVD/Music/whatever on the server and then get the information off the network from each room. If you wanted, you could get a capture card (probably a hardware card) and have the directv boxes go into the server instead (if you wanted them centrally located).

Then you could constantly be recording programs or time-shifting to the server that can be accessed by other rooms. You would only need to worry about remote controlling each room's PC. This could be accomplished by a USB-UIRT (or similiar) and a very basic remote control--probably the one that comes with the capture cards.

Sounds like a question for the HTPC forum.

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