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I'm unsure how to search for this so bear with me if this has been discussed..

sony kdv a 2000 tv

pc: amd 4200 x2, x800xl, connected via dvi - hdmi cord

with the integrated video i didn't really have these issues, but i wanted to game as well, sooooo i bought the x800. I know it's old, but hoped it would suit my needs

#1 I cant get 1920 x 1080. the best i can do is 1776 x 1000 without overscan. Catalyst software cannot fix this, nor cant power strip.

#2 once I change inputs on the tv and come right back to the pc, i get the "input 7" on the screen and cannot get signal from pc. It's not falling asleep, i told it to stay on.

this happens with vista and xp.

I'm lost, HELP!!!!
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