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I'm sorry if this isn't the best section, but it looked to be the most appropriate. I'm trying to come up with a live transcoding solution for a pet project of mine. Using a dedicated remote server, VLC, and Darwin Stream Server, I've created a cheap system that transcodes a dozen tv channels live from WMV IPTV sources to h264/mp4a mobile-compatible rtsp streams, to enjoy on my BlackBerry. This works quite well, except for one thing- VLC is about as stable as Windows ME when it comes to long-term transcoding. Eventually, each instance messes up, freezes, or simply stops working. I've tried different versions, automatic restarting, etc... but the bottom line is that VLC is just not the right tool for this job.

I'm okay with paying for a solution if it's somewhat affordable and works well, but the only software I've found thus far costs $8,000- and for only four transcoded channels. I'm hoping the experts here have come across any other possible solution, or even just some ideas to try. If there's a better forum to pose this question, I welcome the direction. Right now I'm rather frustrated. If an open source free program such as VideoLAN can be nearly what I need, surely there's other alternatives? Many thanks in advance.
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