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Video only card no gaming. 8500 enough?

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My HTPC currently has a Nvidia 7950GT in it, but I want to move that card to replace my aging and dying 7800GT card in my main rig.

My HTPC does 2 things only. Plays videos (all avi, mkv, Blue-ray and HD-DVD) and surf the web. There is no gaming on this PC at all.

I would like a card I can be sure is enough as I have had to eat the cost of poor choices for video cards in the past. I would definately need HDCP so I know my choices on brands are limited, but that I can deal with.

I was leaning towards the 8600GTS, but the more I look the more it seems for me the 8500GT is plenty.

I will be using XP only and do not plan to go to Vista for some time, if at all.

The rest of the system is a C2D [email protected] ghz. 1GB DDR2 ram, onboard spdif out and 1 500gb HD.

Any thoughts would really be appreciated.


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Originally Posted by markrb /forum/post/0

I will be using XP only and do not plan to go to Vista for some time, if at all.

Given this, it might be worth waiting to see how the XP drivers allowing h264 acceleration actually work. I have a slight suspicion they might only allow it for discs, not files (cos using custom hooks rather than Directshow).

Otherwise, the 8500GT is terrific for video. In Vista at least, it does everything needed: 1% CPU for all h264, including perfect spatial-temporal deinterlacing on broadcast video h264, VC1 acceleration perfect, MPEG2 1080i works with all advanced features perfectly, better scaling than the 7-series, better compatibility for video playback in dual-monitor modes, etc etc.

The only slight downside is you need to use EVR-compatible apps to get acceleration, but pretty much everybody is updating their software to that anyway (Theatertek/PDVD/WMP/VistaMCE already there, Zoomplayer/DVBViewer/MPC in stable betas).
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