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Video processing in AVR or at the TV?

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I've just purchased all new equipment
and notice that every component wants to stick its fingers into doing video processing, including the AVR. Aside from being annoyed that I probably paid for a video processing chip in many of the components that won't ever be used, why would I let the AVR do video processing? Seems like the TV would "know" best what is good for its own display.

Yes, there are convenience advantages (fewer cables, less remote programming) to running the video through the AVR. With HDMI, unlike older analog signals, perhaps one doesn't lose anything when using the AVR as a switch. Still, if my main concern is overall PQ, why would I run any video through the AVR? I assume that with all new equipment, the relative differences in processing quality among the components is minimal.

Here is what I just purchased (and haven't even unboxed yet - recent surgery prevents me from doing any lifting for a while).

Television: Samsung PN50C800

BluRay: Samsung BD-C6900

Cable Box: Motorola DCX3400 (Comcast), has HDMI & 1080i resolution

AVR: Integra DTR-70.2

We'll still play some DVD titles we own on the BluRay player, but I imagine most of what we'll rent or purchase in the future will be BD unless we go for some old classic movie.

Thoughts? Due to my reduced physical state for the next few months, I'd like to have a nice TV viewing experience, and the thought of pulling the stack out for constant video experiments makes me hurt just thinking about it.

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Some receivers have better video processing than TVs. Some don't. And it would depend on your receiver and TV.

Not sure why you would have to change connections. Usually you run everything through the receiver even if you don't want it's video processing.

Some people have complained that running video through the receiver affected it, even with all processing turned off. I have not seen that myself. If this was true in your case, maybe you would want to bypass the receiver. Just seems like you should not have to do so.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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