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I dont really understand why, but can anyone tell me if most devices are like this and if so why is this happening?

I have a pc with dual hdmi out. One connected to my monitor, one connected to my video processor, going to my projector.

Basically i had a monoprice hdmi switch previously instead of the video processor, when not using the input coming from my pc, my pc would not detect a second monitor. I liked this.

Now with my pc connected to my denon video processor my pc see's a constant connection to the device even when im not using that hdmi input. It constantly thinks its connected and in use by the video processor even when its not, and its not on that hdmi input.

The problem is my monitor which is also connected to the pc goes blank and waits until the processor syncs with a new input, even when not switching to my pc input.

This is a huge pain, if my wife is using my computer and i switch from blue ray to satellite, the pc also cuts out for a few seconds until the video processor syncs a new connection.

With my monoprice switch this would only happen if i was switching to the pc input, other inputs would not effect my pc when switching.

Why the difference?

I noticed in the ATI control panel when im connected to the denon it constantly see's a second monitor in use, even when im not using it and im not on the proper hdmi input. So if im connected to the denon and using the input for satellite, ati control panel still thinks im using a second monitor. With the monoprice switch it would not see the second monitor unless I switched to my pc hdmi input.

My only thoughts are

1. The video processor has two hdmi outputs?

2. The monoprice switch is passive? Although I dont know why this makes a difference.

Can anyone explain this to me. Im looking at a new AVR as well, and if possible I would like to get one without maintaining a constant connection even when that input is not in use.

I dont know if most devices are like the monoprice switch or the denon video processor or why the difference?
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